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  • Hey Brainiacs: I know this sounds dumb, but if I embedded a PCB, would the resin screw up the electronics. Is the resin non-conductive like potting compound? Indeed could I use clear potting compound in a mold?

    Never used either so assume total ignorance on my part.

    What is the support status of this product? No “contact /support” facilities obvious at their website, and their their latest news is dated FEB-20th, 2009!
    I echo all gripes below. I need to interface this breakout to an AT128 SPI. I’ve spent two days poking it with a scope and reading everything I can find on the web, including scrutinizing their driver code.
    I’m suspecting that the interface has changed since the initial release and initial documentation, and that it can no longer be driven directly from a terminal interface, but only from an API.
    Wearables aka DosOnChip please get in touch with me at(kniption@behavioralsensing.com) and then I’d be happy to reconsider/withdraw these comments.

  • I’d like to echo the request for a WWV solution. So many projects need some means to achieve approximate synchronization and WWV would be a simple solution in many situations.
    I’d also like to see a breakout for one of the WireLine/HomePlug chips.
    SparkFun rocks!

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