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  • Yes the ESP8266 will connect to a Cell Phone , I can connect to it through either my Android , iPhone , home wifi router or laptop in either a direct connection or AP mode

    I flashed the ESP8266 with LUA using ESPlorer and set it up as a server .

    Here is the code I use to send and receive data to/from wifi / usb.

    sv=net.createServer(net.TCP, 1800)--1800=30min timeout.
    global_c = nil
    sv:listen(9999, function(c)
    if global_c~=nil then
    c:on("receive",function(sck,pl) print(pl) end)
    uart.on("data",0, function(data)
        if global_c~=nil then
    end, 0)
  • My advice for those having problems with overheating and slow speeds is to make sure your using a good clean power supply , like one from an old PC , there usually around 18v / 3a , plenty for running NEMA 17 motors . Also make sure your power lines are at least a 22g or 20g , anything smaller will defiantly cause the chip to really heat up , why ??? I don't know , I just know if I use smaller lines and dirty power these chips heat up to the point you cant touch them . Iv been using 2 of these with 2 NEMA 17 2a steppers for a telescope for a few years now , I run them at 1.3/1.4 amps each . Iv run these for 5 to 6 hrs straight with a clock drive on and when Im done for the night the chips are Luke warm at best . As far as I'm concerned these chips are fantastic and Brian Schmalz was very helpful when I needed help/advice .

  • " edit " Ooops , I posted the same site as RobertC did . didn't see the link there at first . Good site by the way .

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