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  • Hi – just got this working with t-mobile. An earlier post had suggested that Tmobile required AT+SBAND=7; when I did this, I would end up in a SIND: 7 state – where emergency calls were authorized. AT+CSQ yielded a reasonable signal strength (>20), but I could never get it to register on the network.

    AT+COPS=? yielded only one option ((1,“”,,“310410”)), which googling led me to believe was AT&T.

    I changed to AT+SBAND=8, and that revealed (1,“TMO”,,“310260”) as one of the carriers. Not sure exactly why this would happen – perhaps I have an antenna that’s not good for the 1900 band (though it’s the quad-band duck antenna here: Module has connected and worked since.

    Anybody have any thoughts?

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