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  • Which Li-Po battery does Shawn recommend for the FM Stick?

    That’s a really cool little portable FM radio that I will be looking into building if my old house ever sells and I can spend money at Sparkfun again. After I get back from two weeks in Scotland with my wife, that is.

  • The 6-wire and 12-wire units say they are good for use with digital protocols like Ethernet, CAN, etc.

  • The 6-wire and 12-wire units are rated for 2A per ring, so you could send power over multiple wire pairs. Also, the 6-wire and 12-wire units say they are good for use with digital protocols like Ethernet, CAN, etc.

  • How about a giant Simon game?

  • I gave this kit to my son for his 10th birthday yesterday. He looked it over and then asked if we could build it right away. He had never built a kit like this, and in fact he had never soldered anything before. He did everything himself, except that I held the solder and applied it to the wires/pins once he had them heated up. I also checked his work step by step, but it was all good.

    No cold solder joints, and only one solder jumper between the wires on one LED, which was easy enough to remove by re-melting it.

    When he put the batteries in and turned his Simon on, it worked perfectly! He was very happy and excited, and I was very proud!

    Great kit, Sparkfun.

    Now I need to find something else for him to build.

  • I highly recommend the Arduino Cookbook.

  • tl;dr

  • Yeah, it’s just you.

  • Because of this project, I spent about an hour last night on YouTube, watching “Young Frankenstein” clips and bloopers, then today I watched the movie for the first time in many years. It’s as good as I remembered it! I also spent a lot of time today on Wikipedia reading Gene Wilder’s biography, as well as Teri Garr’s, Marty Feldman’s, etc…

    So, thanks!

  • Colorado would seem to be a good place to start. Since you’re already there, that might give you guys a leg up.

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