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  • Hi, does it make sense to put a fuse on this thing? I've got an outdoor lighting application. I know this controls for a target current, but what if there is a short (ex on the output pins of the driver)? I would think it would be fine & not overheat or damage the driver, but just checking.

  • Thanks. Here are the results of 5 runs of ScanTest:

    Trial 1: hung on wifi.init <close/re-open Arduino IDE, reload ScanTest> Trial 2: hung at search for AP's <close/re-open Arduino IDE, disconnect/reconnect device, reload ScanTest>

    Trial 3: Success. (I deleted all networks found, except mine)

    SparkFun CC3000 - Scan Test

    CC3000 initialization complete Scanning APs. Waiting for scan to complete. Access Points found:

    SSID: MIZZOU MAC address: C0:3F:0E:10:0D:66 RSSI: 83 Security: WPA2

    Finished scan test

    <close & re-open serial output window, ie. just ran the program again> Trial 4: Exact same result <close & re-open serial output window, ie. just ran the program again> Trial 5: Exact same result

    Note that at first it was hanging, then when I disconnected & reconnected, it seems to work much more consistently.

    In my opinion, this doesn't seem like a wifi connectivity/network issue. The fact that BoardTest exhibits the same sporadic behavior (and doesn't run any connection functions) suggests that it's a device or PC/device issue. Also, the device is literally sitting next to my wifi router, so I'd be surprised if it's signal strength issue. Other thoughts? Thanks again for your help!

  • Shawn, Thanks for the help on this. I tried BoardTest as you suggest. Seems that sometimes it finishes the test and works great, and sometimes the wifi fuctions hang without returning. I see this on all the examples I try..even got SmartConfig to work, and connected to my network with pigs sent & received, but only sometimes. It only works without hanging about 25% of the time. I will run a program, it will work, then I will run again, and it won't work. It seems to have the best chance of working if I disconnect and reconnect the device from serial port/power. Again, this is just a simple Arduino R3 + CC3000 wifi shield - nothing else connected. I have verified electrical connection on all the required connections mentioned in ConnectionTest, namely 5V, GND, 2, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 13. If you can suggest how to troubleshoot this, it would be a great help.

  • Ok, got 15200 working..just needed to change it in the serial viewer. No, there's nothing else connected to this. I'm concerned that it's often hanging on wifi.init...connection issues aside, shouldn't it be getting past initialization? My router is an N router, but it's b/g compatible (Netgear wireless N). I'm not sure if it's 5ghz, nor do I see any way to turn it off. But before I try to figure that out, I'd like to see this thing initialize more consistently.

  • I'm having issues...I've got an Arduino Uno R3- this shield is connected on all the headers. I can only see output on serial port if I change to 9600 baud. It seems to work randomly..sometimes in hangs on wifi.init (doesn't return anything), sometimes it hangs on wifi.connect, no timeout error. I've seen it connect a few times, but it's very inconsistent. Smartconfig works sometimes, but I haven't seen it make it all the way through the program - last time in finished all the ping test, but then hung on wifi.disconnect. Any tips?