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  • I just searched the Canadian trademark database for "fluke"

    None of the things I found were multimeter designs, and only one mentioned yellow. It's titled "FLUKE IN A YELLOW BOX DESIGN", which it looks like is just a trademark on their logo. I know that many local electronics stores here in Canada sell yellow non-Fluke multimeters. I have three of them myself. I'd hate to see all those go to waste, maybe you can ship them to Canada and resell them somehow?

  • Thanks. Wow, that looks awesome! I've been trying to design (or buy) something just like this. I need to power 12 RGB LEDs (as 36 independent channels) with relatively high efficiency, at up to 700ma per channel. Is the efficiency of this buck driver affected much by the difference between the Vin and the LED's Vfwd? It looks like I could probably use 12 of these (4 for red, 4 for green, 4 for blue, with Vin on each set close to the Vfwd of that colour) with different current sense resistors (0.14Ω?) I guess my question is, would it be able to handle that amount of current, possibly with heatsinking?

  • The link to the GitHub page isn't working, and the protofusion site seems to be down. I'd love to know what the maximum LED current drive of this is, but I can't find that information.

  • My first thought when I saw this was "lightsaber". Use the accelerometer to make it flicker as you wave it around, and to add a fade on/off, and stick a honking big piece of acrylic rod on the end of it. Put some coloured filter between the LED and the acrylic to tint it the colour of your preference.

  • Great tips. I should have done more ohm-meter testing of my power rails on a recent project. A 12V input rail and the 5V regulated output rail that ran side by side (by the LM78L05 regulator) and were shorted, on two different occasions (from sloppy soldering when re-working the board) resulting in two dead ATmega328 chips. Not the most expensive mistake in the world, but certainly frustrating. I learned to check the resistance between all power rails and ground.

  • Great post! Thanks for giving us some insight to the behind the scenes that makes SparkFun run.

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