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  • Thinking of buying one; so I have a few questions...
    I'm looking to put together my own tracking service so the idea would be to collect a number of gps reading, lump them together, say every few minutes and upload them to a server by e-mail or http
    When I compare the KinetaMap with the UberTracker, the KinetaMaps seems like a more mature and newer product; but the UberTracker does the whole trick; however, selection of carriers is not very straightforward on that device. I would be using this on vacation trips and most likely with local SIM cards which means I would have to change carrier in the main.c file, recompile and load new firmware for each trip. Doable, but not so straightforward.
    An alternative would be to use the KinetaMap and a smartphone with software to read GPS positions/acceleromerter readings over Bluetooth, lump together readings, and upload to server; and handle any "no network" situations
    1. With the KinetaMap, did anyone try to read/parse gps log items over Bluetooth while the device is still logging? Would that work?
    2. did anyone try to build an uploader for the data?

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