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  • Product WRL-12072 | last week

    Is the C3000 capable of operating in host mode? For robots I like to have the WiFi and DHCP served from the robot, so that any device that wants to talk to it doesn’t need to rely on external WiFi infrastructure. Of course, you’d also need to run a DHPC server on whatever is talking to the C3000 module to make it all work.

  • News - New Product Friday: There… | about 3 weeks ago

    The Neurosky headset is pretty cool. An earlier version of he Neurosky electronics is what is in the Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer.

  • News - SparkFun April Fool's Pra… | about 3 weeks ago

    Ohhh… a friend and his roommate did that in college. Except the short, barely audible beep was once every 20 or so hours, and the device was hidden in the victims' room behind the light switch plate. They installed it, and for the next couple of weeks waited for it to be discovered, and then forgot about it. Then….. several months later…. they are sitting in the victims' room BS'ing… and the hear a faint “beeeeeep”.

    The two victims jump to their feet, and with some agitation, say to them each: “Did you hear that? Did YOU hear that???? ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! MISSED it AGAAAAIIIIN!!”

    Pure evil.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    So I don’t have a problem with the “trade dress” (as this part of copyright law is called) claim in general, but naming the colors as “yellow” and “dark grey” is pretty sloppy. If you go to Flukes marketing department, I will bet you that they have specific Pantone™ color numbers for the yellow and grey that they use on their instruments.

    The legal test in trademark and trade dress cases is “Does it cause confusion?” and for bonus points: “Is it intended to cause confusion?”. Me, well, I’ve never had a hard time telling a Fluke instrument from an imported cheapie.

  • Product DEV-12654 | about 4 months ago

    So for an application where I’m only interested in the IR, is there a cheap filter I can use in front to block visible light?

  • Product COM-11900 | about 7 months ago

    As I recall, shape-memory wire is best driven by some kind of constant-current or controlled-current source. Of course you can get by with something simpler. I’m thinking measuring the voltage drop across the wire while pwm'ing the power supply would be the way to go with something like an Arduino.

  • News - New Product Friday: A Gen… | about 8 months ago

    Wouldn’t that be a hexopuss?

  • Product ROB-11666 | last year

    Is Sparkfun going to carry the electronics board as a spare? I’ve toasted one (by being a klutz..) and the CreatBots web site doesn’t ship across the pond.

  • Product ROB-11666 | last year

    Well, that shouldn’t matter much. Most of the time you are putting a Lego axle through a round hole, so it can be in any orientation. Only if you are trying to mate with a beam with a ‘+’ is the orientation going to matter, and that can be worked around. It’s more important that the holes fall on 8mm centers. But anyway, I suspect you’d mount them with machines screws anyway…. Lego comes apart to easily under load.

  • News - New Product Friday | about a year ago

    Ooooh little boxes. Seriously. I kinda like modular storage. Either that, or I have hoarding issues… but think: what if I actually need those vacuum tubes I’ve been saving all these years?

    BTW – very happy to see that you now have the mating USB cable for the waterproof socket – when you first started carrying that I looked all over for a mating cable, but it seems like there is no standard for threading on those. Do you have any specs for how deep underwater you can go and still keep a seal? Not that UW is the only application – I could see those USB ports being great on things like CNC machines where coolant splashes are a fact of life.

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