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  • Hurrah! Tail shaft! Thank you for enabling encoders. What is the diameter of the tail shaft?

  • When I saw it had a USB port, I thought: “Must Buy”. Then I see it has some strange driver. Well, often these devices that are not badged “USB” use an FTDI chip or one of the other USB-to-serial converters, and then squat on some random VID/PID so that they don’t have to pay the USB consortium to use the logo.

    So… I download the .rar file. And….. I find a Windows self-extracting .exe. So far in 2015, I have not had to boot Windows, and this isn’t enough to motivate me. Maybe someone that buys one of these units can look at how it enumerates itself on the USB bus, and maybe try a CDCACM driver on it by associating the VID/PID. Or maybe some Windows user can poke around the same way.

    In any case, the temperature probe is nice in a meter in this price range. I had to pay out for a pretty spiffy Fluke in order to get a temperature probe.

    Wake me when the USB connectivity works on Linux or a Mac. I’d buy it instantly if I could interface data logging scripts to it.

  • Indeed. Or bend the leads back, and then fill the 1x1 brick space under it with a 1x1 plate and a 1x1x2/3 wedge http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=54200 – problem solved. Or use a 1x2 wall element http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=4865 – Or any number of other solutions. Some people just don’t understand Lego design grammar.

  • I don’t have a problem with the new studio, at least after the audio kinks were worked out. But new product Friday is about the content – you know, actual new products. Sure, some weeks there will be less to talk about than others – so don’t feel the video needs to be X minutes long. Information density is what it’s all about.

  • Two different questions. If you look at the actual data sheet, it appears to have what they call a “view cone” of 25 degrees. As to how small of a thing it will respond to inside that cone, I haven’t found anything.

    Sounds like what you want to do is go to Target and buy a Neato vacuum cleaner and give it a LiDAR-ectomy.

  • The motor in the ROB-13260 has a tail shaft, and these don’t :( That’s a total bummer. Why-oh-why can’t we get motors with a tail shaft suitable for mounting encoders? That is one of my biggest frustrations in sourcing parts for robots. Really, it makes me want to fly out to Boulder just so that I can slap somebody…. sooooooo close to having an interesting product. How about doing the ROB-13260 without the wheels but with the encoder? Or just the motor from the ROB-13260 that includes a tail shaft?

    BTW – seems like you finally got the audio acoustics right in the new studio. Much much better.

  • The audio is an improvement over last week. Not as good as the old set, though.

  • OK, so my memory was off on most of the specs I stated above, but still, Leaf cells available here: http://www.hybridautocenter.com/

  • Me, too. The set is pretty bland. And the “I’m trapped in an empty shipping container” audio is sub-optimal as well. Just part of the joys of a new building, I guess. I presume we will see incremental improvement.

  • Gnarly. It would look gnarly. Look up cell balancing chips that can handle 10 cells, and the circuits that go with them. And that is just the balancing side, not the charging side of the battery controller. Most battery packs like that have a microcontroller overseeing the battery pack state-of-charge, with temperature monitors and the whole works. You might look at getting a replacement cell for a Nissan Leaf (there are after-market places where you can get them) I seem to recall that the SMBus protocol to talk to the Nissan battery is documented. I think the Nissan pack is 90V or so, though, if memory serves.

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