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Muziekvereniging Excelsior Westenholte (http://www.excelsior-westenholte.nl/) S.V.A.T. Astatine (http://www.astatine.utwente.nl/)


University of Twente (http://www.utwente.nl/) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (http://www.mit.edu/)


Robotics, modelling&simulation, control engineering, scripting, web applications


Embedded software, microcontrollers, home automation, robotics

  • At Sparkfun, we do not play Duckhunt. At Sparkfun, we play Dragonhunt. THIS. IS. SPARKFUN.

  • And this is also SparkFun: not only posting news about products or classes, but also about their philosophy and goals—and then not the cr*p that other businesses have on their websites (vision, mission, etc.) but the real thoughts behind it, and how to accomplish it, and failures, and successes… :)

    PS That’s a lot of “and” in the 2) OSH makes for […] paragraph, how about changing one to “as”? ;-)

  • The BlueSMIRF Golden Retriever is quite picky when it comes to fetching.

  • :) Nice installation, although the noise is indeed a bit loud.

  • Nice info to give in the video: “If you generally don’t watch the videos, be sure to do so next week.” :‘)

    Would everybody who is absent please raise their hands?

  • I wasn’t talking about Freeday, please do that your own way! I was talking about using php’s random function for the selection of these winners, vs. using truly random numbers for that. (Since it was even mentioned in the news post that you used a pseudorandom number.)

  • Next time you’d better use random.org, a true random number generator. You can even use an HTTP API to incorporate in php scripts if you do want to script something yourself. They’re using normalised cosmic background radiation from a radio receiver, much like the idea of Freeday with your Geiger counter :)

  • It must have been the language barrier that made Eric apply for a “shipping” job. Still, you gotta take the bull by the horns, so he thinks everything eventually will sort out.

  • The knob page does now mention it’s for encoders, but this' and its right-angled brother’s product pages still say “Look below for the clear knob that goes with this potentiometer.” at the end of the second paragraph :(

  • So is this an encoder or a potentiometer? “Look below for the clear knob that goes with this potentiometer.” Same thing on the right-angled version’s page. Now, I don’t know if you also carry an illuminated potentiometer, but otherwise I would suggest also changing the “Clear Plastic Knob” product page, which talks about an illuminated pot.

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