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  • Well, after reading through what you've provided (in terms of diagnostics and troubleshooting/tracing). I would have to guess that you've actually found the serial Rx pin on the chip (particularly if it traces back to one of the pads near the Tx test point pad. The likely problem, however, is that when the chip was built, it was probably done so with a fusing mechanism, so that after programming/testing/calibration is completed, the fuse is then 'blown' to lock that programming (there would be no need to blow the Tx pin, just the Rx). And voila you have a locked chip that prevents anyone later from communicating with the chip.

    This may even be the same chip used in their higher end devices (which have serial connectivity available), and the 'fusing' mechanism would just be for use in the lower end units.

    Please understand that this is all supposition and conjecture, though certainly within the realm of probability.

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