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  • My problem with the Nest products (yes, all of them) is that the company signed an agreement with Intellectual Ventures. In my book, this makes them the scum of the earth - right up there with SCO, Oracle, and their ilk. This also makes them the anti-thesis of everything I see SparkFun being - closed, rigid, litigation-happy versus open, flexible, etc... Cool to tear their products down to see how they work and were built - just need to keep in mind that they sold their soul to the forces of evil along the way.

    Perhaps with a detailed tear-down, someone will make an open-source, anti-evil version of the Nest Protect.

  • WARNING - The screws that mate the halves of the enclosure will cam out -very- easily. See if you can find replacement Torx bolts with the same screw threads to replace them with. Also, once in the enclosure, you will not be able to eject MicroSD cards without really applying some bending force to get it into the socket, potentially damaging the MicroSD cards and the socket. Definitely need a Rev. B of this product.

  • Perhaps he was accidentally restricting the airflow with an aerosol'ed accelerant, like propane? :)

  • 1> 2A is needed whenever you operate this board - if you don't use it, the OS on the NAND chips will get corrupted and the device won't boot anymore without an MicroSD with an OS on it. 2> Flash is an immense resource hog, and this little computer just doesn't have the raw horsepower to handle windowing, multitasking, and flash all at the same time - sorry. 3> Use sudo, root is -never- meant to log into directly. Using sudo, you only need to remember the default password for the ubuntu user - ubuntu.

  • I'd imagine dimensionally it would work - however, the cover and switch would not function as intended - as you have an on position when the missile cover is entirely closed, and when it is entirely open - the only way to have an off state would have the cover lifted - defeating the purpose of the missile cover.

  • Wow - what a difference a revision makes - we went from a small one board computer in revision A to a whole John Deere tractor in revision B. Talk about progress! ...except if you really meant to link to something else...and the tractor picture was a mistake. ;)

  • I was always looking for a way to pay almost three times what this board costs - perfect!

  • Well, if you hit it really hard... you'd like just break the board into pieces... Good question.

  • not look into 100W laser with remaining eye. x.o

  • ...ohh...if this hadn't already been posted before... Like on -every- class reminder since who-knows-when. I'm sure they are working on it. :)