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  • Got Gophone working with this badboy, that is the best way to go. You get sms, voice and data on one card. Need to get the gophone sim unlocked first. I just walked down to AT&T store and asked them to unlock the sim and they gave me a new sim with same phone number. Also, didn’t work out of the box, finally realized that I needed to send it the AT+SBAND=7 command to work with AT&T in the US (see page 127 of http://tronixstuff.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/sm5100b-at-commands.pdf). Also, found this (http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/tutorial-arduino-and-gsm-cellular-part-one/) tutorial to be invaluable. You will want to get the NewSoftSerial (http://arduiniana.org/libraries/newsoftserial/) library, the TinyGPS (http://arduiniana.org/libraries/tinygps/) library and the PString (http://arduiniana.org/libraries/pstring/) library before proceeding.

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