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  • I did a TRON dance piece using EL wire and sparkfun's 8 channel EL sequencer. I made an RF remote control so a 3rd party could control run the sequence. It worked well except: 1. When the audience showed up the 2.4ghz noise floor went through the roof and my remote didn't work so well. Next time I will auto sequence them so they just run the program. A little more work to get the sequences right but it eliminates a lot of runtime complexity

    1. I used hotmelt glue to mount the el wire to the suits, it worked fine except the EL wire does not like to bend. This caused one suit to fail day of show ( of course ) and the other to loose a couple of segments. My new suit has hard armor to protect the EL wire from flexing and uses flexible joints between the armor pieces.
  • I've found that the cheap reader glasses are really good for SMT work. They are available in up to 3x magnification, which is actually better than the expensive machinists visor ( 1.9x ) without the eyeloop. I have like 5 of them now ...

    I do have a nice stereo scope for inspection, 10 and 30x in case you want to see the molecular makeup of the solder.

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