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  • this is the misuse of technology

  • thanks

  • i did searched, all the irons i found made in china and i dont trust china, i found few but ebay didnt accept my visa and requested paypal account, paypal account i couldnt make an account because of bank issue, my bank dont accept anything from paypal. some sites dont ship to kuwait.

    sparkfun is the only site i found that accept my visa and ship to my country in 3 days,

    that why i order only from sparkfun.

  • thank, but i know UNO and i have few both uno and mega 256, i know electronic basics too,

    the shields kits need soldering and i dont have the soldering iron, and i cant get one240V, thats it no more..

    i just say if they can provide arduino shields pre-soldered.

  • i agree with you, but why sparkfun or any other site don’t provide two versions of each shield kit, one as kit & another ready to plug & play.

    for me i never solder anything, all solder iron here are 110V and my country is 240V so i didn’t find the iron in my country, and i can’t use the available in USA,

    at the end i can not use the shields kit.

    i found another way to solder without soldering, copper tape and glue thats it, i request a shield to test this method

  • better to get it ready, plug & play, better than wasting time doing others job.

    if built better than bought, then next time when you stop a taxi move the driver to the back seat and you drive (and pay too).

    i realy wish to pay for things already prepaired to work. like arduino shields, if i pay money for the kits and i don’t have solder iron etc.. i must pay more money to make that shield work. (wasting time too). why i don’t pay money for the shield already soldered, when i receive it, i just plug & play direct.

    take few dollers more and solder it for me.

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