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  • Does anyone know which pins are used by the debug USB connection? It looks like it might be P1.0 and P1.1. I made a plug-in board for a project, but I can only program/debug using the debug port when the board is unplugged. I think I might have a low-impedance on one of the pins used by the programmer.

  • Anyone else have a deep desire to slide the light sensor under the lamp...

  • I'm no welding expert, but if your voltage is dropping and you want to keep it up Ohm's law kind of says the only answer is more current. No supply is going to be able to keep the voltage up by sacrificing current (unless it can control the load) rather the opposite is needed.

    Part of me wonders what sort of results you would get with a few farads of supper-cap sitting on the output...

  • Seeing what one is doing is 90% of the battle. Nothing beats a good (well-lit) stereo microscope if you can pick one up at a reasonable price. Having magnified depth perception helps a lot. In my experience, once you can see your tools that closely your brain seems to close the loop better and reduces the hand-shaking .

    Also, if you have a good set of dental picks you can clear out the solder bridges by running the pic between the pins with the solder hot. If there isn't too much solder there the pick will break the surface tension holding the two together and they will pop back to being separate. The solder won't want to stick to the pick at all. I suppose one could chisel it out with the solder hard was well, but that sounds like much more work.

  • I myself would almost always prefer headers in the bag with the board (Pololu does this a lot for both straight and right-angle). Sure I have my own stash of headers, but if they come with the product I don't have to go and check my stock or make sure the spacing is correct before purchasing. Then again, I wouldn't complain or have any issues if you sent me a pro mini with all the parts unsoldered and in the bag, so maybe I am not the best one to judge.

    I can see pre-soldered being a good option in two cases:

    1. Beginner boards, especially any beginner SBC, as a lot of software focused individuals get these before they really get into electronics enough to invest in a soldering setup.

    2. Expensive boards. I get a bit tense when soldering on something over $100, so I would appreciate the option to have that done for me from time to time. That said, it would also be important to keep the original unsoldered version, as if I was a little worried about soldering the pins on, I would be petrified about removing them.

  • The IMU shield may be just what I need for my RC airboat. I have been looking to add an microcontroller + IMU for a while to detect when it is at risk of flipping over (Gusty headwinds can lift the entire boat out of the water and flip it end over end) and actuate a control surface (elevator) to stop that. The small size and low power would be ideal for the application.

  • I like the cooking show concept for your workbenches. If you really will be doing a lot of filming you should consider going all the way and adding a cooking show mirror above the bench. It is a large mirror (roughly the size of the bench) mounted directly above the bench and angled so that a camera placed in front of the bench can look through the mirror to get a top down view of the workbench and your hands. See the picture here http://glasslessmirror.com/gallery13

    I definitely had an epiphany moment when I first saw this on one of the sets in my college's media department.

  • This is probably weird, but your shelves at 1:32 bring back memories. I spent a week assembling those exact shelves for my previous employer. You have to get past any fear of heights when you are lifting heavy pieces of plywood up 12 feet and then hammering on the platform you are sitting on to set the beams. Then again, maybe you had a better way of assembling them...

  • Can you play regular YouTube Videos? When the stream is up (Its been down a fair amount) it is playing fine for me. I am watching directly from the YouTube page and it is running in Adobe Flash Player

    Try updating Flash Player and making sure it is enabled for your browser..

  • PRO TIP: The new brain stimulation kit should be assembled BEFORE wearing.

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