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  • I'm having a issue with this IMU. I'm connected to a Rabbit RCM4300. The maximum I2C speed I can read is about 80Hz. Any read operation takes 5-6 milliseconds for the IMU to respond to. I have a pair of ADXL345 accels and I can read those at greater than 100 Hz so I don't believe it's an issue with I2C comms. I was originally reading directly from the registers and also tried setting it up for FIFO using the same configuration as in the Richards Tech IMU library (https://github.com/richards-tech/RTIMULib), and then modified to update at 100Hz (their notes mention they have run this at close to 1000 Hz) and am having the same issue (not even trying to read from the mag right now). I also have a MPU-6050 breakout board and I'm having the same issue with that.

    Any ideas why the MPU-9150/MPU-6050 is taking 5-6 ms to respond to a read request?

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