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  • I bought one of these that has the problem where you have to squeeze the top to make it work. Is there any way to fix it? If I take off the aluminium bezel am I in for a hard time?

  • Well, some are happy, some had fun, some are disappointed, some are bitter, etc. I just wanted to say I admire your courage and your spirit in going out on a limb again to show your appreciation to us, as well as your generous gift to charity. Your a great group!

  • I think you were right the first time.

  • What's not apparent is that the other side of this board has a ground plane around the holes. If your project has a lot of ground connections, (and who's doesn't!) this board makes it easy to 'grab a ground' from any corner that you painted yourself into. If that's not nice, what is?

  • If you build the circuit shown in the schematic and it doesn't work, try reversing the connections to the primary on the transformer. (The common connection between the primary and secondary uses the opposite phase of each winding.)

  • Love the Colorado sky!

  • A BernzOmatic Micro Torch (ST200T)- only about $11 is worth a shot.
    Besides being a torch, it has a soldering / hot blower attachment.
    These heat from a catalytic element so there's no open flame.
    The soldering iron works surprisingly well, and would make a very good portable iron.
    I played around with the hot blower and found that it did a good job desoldering SMD parts. (Within minutes I had 20-30 parts I could hardly see and will probebly never use.)
    Since the hot air tip is so small, it's pretty accurate and did not see any damage to the board. Worse case you have a new portable tool!

  • Another shot for the link in my previous comment . . .

  • I made a working Arduino test sketch for the LM4970. It's posted on the SparkFun - Projects forum.
    It should be a good starting point for working with this device on the Arduino.
    The chip works just fine. Enjoy.

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