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  • If you are prototyping with this and you hook it up to a Mac computer, you will need the FTDI usbserial driver for MacOS X - can be downloaded here -> The 10.6 version works with Lion (as of 10.7.2 on my MBP). It then shows up as /dev/tty.usbserial, and works great.

    Now, I am using this to build a messaging device for our production monitoring - Email-to-SMS gateways are so unreliable and annoying. However, I’d like to have a way for the device to request the prepaid balance (and have my software automatically alert me that it’s getting low). I know that, for example, on T-Mobile, with a phone I put in #999# and hit send, and it sends a network request of some kind. I’ve flipped through the AT command set docs for a few minutes and not found anything on how to make it work. Does anyone know how to send this special network request (and how to get the response) with the ADH8066 breakout board/module? Thanks!

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