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  • Thanks Shawn,

    ATtiny bootloader option: http://jtxp.org/tech/tinysafeboot_en.htm#id

  • Howdy all! I am a little confused about setting up this board for Arduino compatibility.

    Since the new Arduino IDE supports the Zero already, why would I need to install another arm tool chain, wouldn't the native Arduino compiler be sufficient? Also the Shumatech Basso avrdude "replacement" is not happy loading on Windows 10. I am in test mode so driver signing should not be issue, and I'm getting a silent installation failure. Is there an alternative?

    Which libraries should I expect to work if and when I get you installation instructions noodled out?



  • (Not that I'm complaining this is a great board!)

  • Wondering if the Simon Arduino Code is hosted on the links above somewhere? Seems like its mostly Android stuff?

    Cool App!

  • Driver download broke this AM I think...

  • Is arm code missing header file for device, and makefile?

  • As long as you have an available 'tight' USB connection this little circuit worked well today on Ubuntu 10.10, Windows 7 32 and Ubuntu 10.10 running as a VM on VMplayer 3.14 under Windows 7. In 2 of the 3 cases it was via an external USB hub, the third was native to the motherboard. Need a little more time to see if the readings make sense, but it worked well loading a spreadsheet, and a simple text file, tab delimited.
    No external driver required.

  • I wish there was a header on this to connect a usb to rs232 connector. FTDI whatever. I would like to have this communciate with my PC...

  • Link to schematic appears to be broken...

  • I'm guessing the Simon now has the Arduino bootloader from the factory like the ADXL345 Eval board??? Or perhaps there's something special in the selection of the Lilypad mode? Just curious.

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