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  • Is anyone else having problems getting Serial1 working on Arduino? As I look at the schematic, I see that the module is using GPIO 18 for TX, and GPIO 19 for RX. However, looking at the Serial example provided, this isn't a valid pair. It seems to be 18,15 or 20,19. Am I missing something?

  • Hi Nate,

    I just wanted to put out there that by adding a decimator in front of the data, that it becomes a lot less noisy. So, in this case, less is more. There is one other thing that generally cleans up accel data, which is using a Kalman filter, as it removes Gaussian noise, which is inherent to any accelerometer or gyro. It seems like taking a look at the ardupilot project should give people some hints

    One other thing is that from looking at the data, if you find the total magnitude of the acceleration, it seems to just add noise to the output. This indicates that the sensor was not placed on the bag, but maybe mounted on the plate that holds the bag. Therefore, just using accel data for one axis is sufficient. Again, less is more. One thing to think about is that the X axis actually works pretty well too.

    A final thing to think about is to think about using integration to help with finding "hits".

    There are a couple people who appear to have nailed it, but haven't posted their algo yet. I'll post mine this evening.

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