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  • Excellent! I've been thinking about doing a Potter wand related project (we visited Wizarding World earlier this year) and originally was going to make it camera based but this might be a better solution. Thanks!

  • While attending middle school/high school in the early 80's classes were available in drafting, wood shop, metal shop, auto repair, home economics and electronics. I remember making my very first PCB and learning how to use an oscilloscope. Everything I learned in those classes has stuck with me throughout my life, even more so than college classes. It's really disheartening that so many of those classes have been phased out.

    At my oldest son's school here in Lafayette, CO (Angevine Middle School- my wife also teaches there) they have an engineering shop class. The kids are doing some really neat projects. Last year I believe they were working on a prosthetic leg for a staff member and were 3D printing several of the components. They're still in need of equipment for the class but I got them a laser cutter for this year- the class teacher was pretty excited about that. :)

  • What an awesome job you guys have. Nick's want to build project list is very similar to mine- I mean, who doesn't want to build an exo suit? I'm thinking something like what was in Edge of Tomorrow, minus the weapons. Plus home brew electric vehicles are cool. I'm cool with the bio logging too but there's no way I'm embedding electronics under my skin- that's too icky for me.

  • Introducing RedBot 2.0 -now available with the new Cyberdyne Systems chip!

  • Hi Reagan! I'm always working on lots of fun projects (and it looks like you are too!) I'm actually working on another Stargate helmet, but this time a super screen accurate fiberglass version. I'm also doing some data logger stuff and building a CNC mill. If you contact me through the Instructables site I'll send you a Pro user code. I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

    My Instructables user page is here: http://www.instructables.com/member/Honus

  • Way to go Reagan! As the person that wrote the Instructables tutorial it makes me so happy that a 13 year old took it upon himself not only to build it but to modify it and make it his own. That's awesome.

  • Once he got his magic arm band Mr. Wizard gained access to the Danger Zone.

  • "That is one mighty fine kimono you got there, Mr. Wizard."

  • I will definitely be there and will bring the family- just a twenty minute drive from my house!

  • With a bit of practice kids, you can all become soldering superheroes.

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