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  • Is this product now available for shipping to the UK? It used to be North America only but I've just tried putting one in my basket and it looks as if it will let me continue to check out with a UK delivery address. That would be cool :-)

  • It did sound a little as though you were dissing LabVIEW because you didn't understand it, which is clearly not the case.

    I agree that if you just want to do some simple control of the Arduino's outputs from your PC then LabVIEW is a cumbersome way to do it if you aren't already familiar with it. However this bundle looks a great value way of getting hold of LabVIEW if you aren't otherwise eligible for the student licence!

  • Using the configuration utility you can download from FTDI, you can set the chip to invert the RX and TX signals and you can then use this board to program a PICAXE without using an extra inverter or converter chip. You can also power the PICAXE from VCC which is handy :-)

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