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  • I've run across some unusual quirks when using this board. I've used this board as a controller for an EM-38A (the latter set to Binary trigger mode) so that I could read 13 digital inputs and put out what is essentially a byte address via the analog pins.

    Is there any reason why A6 and A7 can't seem to write a digital HIGH or LOW? Does that have to do with the board, or is that a limitation in the ATmega328? Turns out I could wire around that problem, but still I was surprised to encounter it.

    I also had issues with Pin 1. I set it as input and pulled it up with a HIGH write, but it never reads LOW even when it's closed to ground. I thought that one could use pins 0 and 1 as normal pins long as one isn't worried about serial communications during normal operation -- am I wrong about that?

    I knew I was running up against the upper limits of pins. (I'd forgotten that on most standard boards pin 13 is loaded down with an LED). I'm starting to wish I preemptively bought a multiplexer for this project, just to be on the safe side.

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