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  • For just a dollar a day, you can make sure that engineers all around the world just like this one never have to go without a motor for their planes ever again.

  • Is it kosher for some of the activities to be done by different members of my family and still get counted on the same entry? My wife and I want to participate in this with our kids, and plan on doing the activities together, but the person actually soldering/making/knitting/whatever each thing may be different. [edit] Whoops, I failed to read a similar question from a few days ago. I’ll leave this one up just to clarify whether it is OK that a different member of the family may be the primary person doing different activities.

  • Alas poor kit! I soldered him, Horatio.

  • I assume that these cells do not have a built in protection circuit for over/under voltage and over current? We’d have to handle that on our own in the circuits we hook them up to?

    I tried to find a minimum voltage to avoid damaging the cell in the datasheet and could not… is it there and I just missed it?

    Also, it would be nice to have some compatible chargers in the recommended products. I assume that we could use any single cell li-po charger?

  • Kiss our DIP

  • Friends, hackers, lend me your ears!

  • Enginursday: Hardware Implementation of Flappy Bird!

  • Yep, the Leonardo uses the 32u4, so can act as a HID device if you so choose. I have about 100 projects that I want to do with them.

    In college, I lived in a suite of 6 rooms with 5 other people. One of them went home every weekend, and left their door locked and their very loud alarm clock set. After the first weekend, we became adept at picking that lock.

  • It would be fun to use an Arduino Leonardo’s HID functionality to create a device that would infrequently inject small random mouse movements and errant keystrokes when plugged in and hidden behind a computer. The spurious HID events would need to be infrequent enough that the user wouldn’t immediately think something was intentionally being done, but rather that their keyboard and/or mouse were acting up.

    That’s all been done before though, so the real prank is this: Hook up a lift/shake detector (accelerometer or the like) and a loud horn/buzzer inside the enclosure. When the object of the prank decides to investigate, hopefully they will find and pick up the device (rather than just unplugging it) at which point, it would blare the horn until they get their wits about them again and disconnect it. Putting a battery in it to keep making noise after they disconnect it is maybe a step too far. Maybe.