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  • Never mind… They are labeled in the schematic.

  • I am trying to reprogram the bootloader with the Pocket AVR Programmer. Obviously, the Pro Micro doesn’t have ICSP headers broken out in a visible form. Is there a way to connect the programmer to the board? Which pins on the Pro Micro connect with the six pins of the AVR header?

  • I got the Add-on and unpacked it into the Sketchbook as per instructions. The two boards (5V and 3.3V) show up in the Boards menu. I selected the 3.3V and compiled my sketch, but compilation failed because USB_PID and USB_VID were undefined. This was on Arduino 1.0.3. I switched to Arduino 1.5 (latest beta) but the two boards don’t show up any longer. Instead, there is an entry for Arduino Micro. What happens if I use that one?

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