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  • It seems that there’s a configuration you can do on some XBee modules to make it work. But it doesn’t solve everyone’s problems.

    See the comment from member 157131:

    “…the internal pullup on DIN needs to be enabled (disabled by default). To do this, you need an Explorer Serial or Explorer USB. In XCTU set ‘PR – Pull-up Resistor Enable’ = 0x3FFF (0x3F7F by default).”

    However, I was trying to use this board with the Roving Networks RN-XV (wifi module, XBee form factor) and am not sure if it will let you configure the same thing. So I ended up removing the diode and bridging the solder pads with a tiny piece of wire.

  • Same goes for using a Roving Networks RN-XV (XBee form factor wifi module) - I was very frustrated that I could only send data one way. I was able to remove the diode and add a wire to bridge the gap.

    My iron was NOT up to the task (hmm… xmas is coming) and my eyes hurt, but I got it done. What a pain.

    I cannot recommend this product, or the related XBee Explorer Regulated (that I did the same surgery on.)