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  • If the product(s) you are designing are low cost widgets that don't require much effort to design and are not doing something new and unique (such as the products available on Sparkfun) then it's pointless to try and patent anything. They are not unique and individually have little value. However, if a given company invests millions and years of work on developing complex new technology, complex new algorithms, etc, then of course you want to patent the concepts/products. Why would you spend millions just to allow someone else to reverse engineer your product and copy it for a fraction of your expense? It's really all about the value of the product being designed. Having said all that, I do agree with the idea of open source design, but to be honest, if you guys at Sparkfun invented anti-gravity, or something really amazing, we all know you and your attorneys would be headed straight to the patent office!! Keep up the good work!

  • To Chankster: Here is a quote from the Sparkfun page: "First and foremost, we want to give back. We've had a stellar year in 2009, and it's all because of you. So please, have a beer (or a Stepper Motor Driver) on us."
    Did we accomplish this? We think so. This was Free Day's primary goal because our customers are the biggest part of what makes SparkFun work."
    So you see, Chankster, it's not just my opinion, it's what Sparkfun SAID. When they opened it up to everyone they created pandemonium and didn't really thank their customers. Other folks on here also made suggestions. If SF does this again I hope they come up with a better method next time!

  • After reading all the comments I would agree with one thread I saw several times: The original concept of "free day" was to give back. that would mean existing customers by my way of thinking. Opening it up to everyone created pandemonium. If you ever do this again I have a suggestion: create 1000 random numbers, perhaps 6 digit numbers. Give your existing customer base 30 days to submit a single 6 digit guess. In 30 days, announce the winners (the 1000 closest guesses). Completely fair, no server overload.

  • Like so many others, all I could get was the home page, once about every half hour! I had everything ready to go, just needed to click the "buy" button! I'm amazed at the number of hits you guys got. Even if you had the fastest servers in the world it wouldn't have changed the outcome. 1000 customers succeed out of perhaps 100,000 or more trying? Well it was fun anyway, a great idea, and I hope the folks that got their goodies enjoy them! By the way, I couldn't find beer to add to my cart anywhere! Once you guys get caught up with things I'll go ahead and order the goodies sitting in my cart.

  • These batteries sound extremely dangerous to me! Just google LIPO batteries and you'll see what I mean. I found many vendors you can buy these from but they all have some serious warnings. Some even require you sign a release form before buying. There are many youtube videos showing these things exploding. Granted, there is no documentation in the videos that I saw that talk about the charging current being applied during the explosions, but these are very impressive hot flaming events! Good ol' NiMH is what I'll stick with!!

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