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  • Is it HC-05 or HC-06? The article says HC-05 in the beginning but HC-06 later on...

  • "They're always after me Lucky Charms, but they won't take my Millennium Falcon!"

  • Is there a mistake in the code example? I see a line that reads, simply:


    Looks like what's supposed to be included is missing...


  • I can understand FTDI making their driver incompatible with counterfeit chip, but having that same driver actually make modifications to a chip they did not manufacturer (and without informing, or obtaining consent from the owner of the device) seems quasi legal, at best. If I am effected by this (still investigating), I would think I have a cause for damages for having a rogue driver perform unwanted alterations to my property. IMO, FTDI has really created a mess for itself with this action.

  • I can think of two things that caught my imagination over the years. One was the project called "Spirit of Butts Farm" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Spirit_of_Butts%27_Farm) which successsfully built a model airplane that autonomously flew across the Atlantic Ocean. The other was a recent attempt to build a solar-electric boat that got pretty far in its attempt to autonomously navigate across the Atlantic to Spain. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scout_%28autonomous_boat%29) I think both of these are in the spirit of what you guys are contemplating, as well as a nice extension of the AVC. Since I live in San Diego, I've been researching about the possibility of building an autonomous boat to navigate to Hawaii instead of Spain, as this would also give me an excuse to go to Hawaii again (assuming it was successful.)

  • This year was the 3rd year at AVC for me and my daughter, Belle, and the thing we both love about the AVC is that, like golf, you're really competing with yourself to see if you can master the technologies and the techniques needed to build a vehicle that can drive around and obstacle-laden course. Planning for AVC has become a year round event, as we investigate new ideas that might help our vehicles run better next year. It's actually quite addictive!

    And, on a similar note, the first year we competed I snapped a steering linkage during a practice run the day before. But, another contestant, Michael Shimniok, who's Data Bus entry was based on a simlar chassis to mine just handed me a replacement part. The people I've met, and will meet at future AVVC are the real joy of the competition. A really great bunch.


  • Apply glue, roll around in gears, motors and pulleys and... instant Cosplay costume!

  • To paraphrase Springsteen:

    You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a sparkfun This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark for fun

  • Yes, the barrels and ramp are really perfect, as is. Just need a "hint" on the hoop.

  • I think the new venue is great and my daughter and I (QED & Johnny 5) both really enjoyed last year's race. One suggestion: I think the hoop could use some type of color "glyph" to aid in visually tracking it, as it's small outline makes it hard to pick up on camera. Some of use have considered using visual clues for navigation, but the hoop is really hard to see. So, please consider adding something, such as a big green dot, at the top of the hoop, as this would make for a fairly simple addition for visual tracking, but wouldn't interfere with those just working off GPS, or dead reckoning.

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