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  • While I spent 6 hours almost continuously typing in captchas to no avail (sorry to say but not fun), congrats to the folks that won. My envy goes out to you.

    I’m glad to see that the exposure actually did a load test as expected. I was concerned that the /free_day page alone was simple static content with a single PHP query that wouldn’t be a true test of the stack. But it looks like it drove enough subsequent traffic to the rest of the website that you got the intended results. Hats off to you.

  • I didn’t win anything and I was trying almost continuously from the time it started until the time it ended. I understand quite well how randomness work, but incredibly frustrating none the less.

    But aside from that, if SparkFun is going to call this a load test, I call bogus. With a dedicated page serving static content that does one check while processing a POST, it is mostly testing the ability of the geiger counter check and the robustness of the load balancers and internet connection, not the web servers themselves. The free page wasn’t hitting the database, the form searches weren’t being executed, and so on. I realize that it’s really difficult to make a good load test that is truly random and resistant to those trying to game the system for a win, but it still seems like a bad test. (Again, if SparkFun still is calling it a load test)

  • Consider yourself lucky. I entered over 5,000 captchas over the 6 hours it ran and I won nothing…

  • I’ve been at it almost continuously since the start. No luck.