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  • Works fine for a while, then gets bad date somehow: 12/04/22-01:31:04 12/04/22-01:31:34 65/12/31-23:60:46 65/12/31-23:40:16 65/12/31-23:40:46

    (first number is year ie 2012,2012,2065)

    Any idea why this might happen? I am not setting the date, only reading it. But when I see that it has gone bad, I do set the date, and it is fine for a while again. Using arduino mega256, RTC_DS3234.h

  • Working fine on mega2560: RTClib.cpp needed <arduino.h> replaced with <Arduino.h>

    50 (MISO), 51 (MOSI), 52 (CLK), 53 (SS), GND & SQK grounded, VCC to +5

    include <Wire.h>

    include <SPI.h>

    include <RTClib.h>

    include <RTC_DS3234.h>

    RTC_DS3234 RTC(53);

    void setup(){



    RTC.adjust(DateTime(DATE, TIME));




    void loop(){ const int len = 32; static char buf[len]; DateTime now = RTC.now(); Serial.println(now.toString(buf,len)); delay(1000); }

  • I am running a fan with one at 230V 1.7A (>10A for very few milliseconds during startup). It doesn't get noticeably warm when used 2-3 times per hour for 2 minutes on each time. During the summer it could be on for 8-10 straight hours. Is that an acceptable use for this thing, or should I use a relay?

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