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  • Don't be fooled, you can use the pins as digital as well. The ADC pins are A0-A5, and A6,A7,A8,A9,A10, and A11 are (also) D4,D6,D8,D9,D10,and D11.

    DigitalRead will work on all of them, as it does now.

  • Having limited soldering experience before building, this was a good kit to to learn on. I did unfortunately get some small resistive coupling between the sensing pin on the IC and ground, underneath the DIP socket! I recommend grabbing the firmware from their website:

    and uploading it via the ICSP header (not populated, and has small spacing). The chip is an Atmega48PA-PU, and avrdude does not have the configuration for that signature. However, applying this patch to avrdude.conf seems to work. The chip has it's flash write only as I received it, but that firmware link works better than the original (accurate to +-5pF from ±30 odd)

    I'd like to make the serial 2 way, and use it as a display, but that may take some tricky coding with the limited space. This is still a very neat little board, and a great tool!