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  • Oops, apologies. The serial ports are working fine now. Total noob error: connecting device ground to arduino ground enabled the RX/TX communication over other Serials. Not sure why that matters for 1?3 but not Serial.

  • Seems like what I wanted, however:
    I can't get any of the serial ports to work other than the base Serial. Tried compiling/loading from Arduino 0017 on mac 10.6 and windows xp (partitions on the same machine). Is there something I'm missing to enable the other ports beyond Serial1.begin(38400)?
    I want to use this to control multiple MP3Triggers, not having much luck without functioning serials.

  • I started work on a simple Arduino library to communicate with the MP3 Trigger. You can check out the source, fork it, and suggest updates on github:

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