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  • If you are getting the EthernetPro it is functionally the same as and Arduino mainboard + ethernet shield. For downloading and working with Arduino programs all you need to get is an "FTDI Basic" - it comes in 2 voltages - you get the one for same voltage as the target board - check the specs on your UNO, or if you get this EthernetPro, it is a 5V board. You use a USB cable to the USB-5pinMini on the FTDI Basic which slips onto the 6pin header on these boards and allows you to communicate/download programs developed with the Arduino programming environment (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software). The FTDI Basic can be removed and used on other boards of the Arduino family as needed to program or to get messages from the Serial.print functions in your Arduino program.

    If you want to really totally reprogram the chip including changing or eliminating the bootloader you will need to get some other programmer for the ICSP interface.

  • I think that the visible light you see is broad autofluorescence from the lens/encapsulation plastic. LED emission is really very narrow spectrum intrinsically, set by the physics of the materials. 400nm is not bluish-white, it is a very deep blue.

  • After reading some of these posts, I think it is probably wise for Sparkfun to stay away from LEDs that emit in the deeper UV. Deeper UV 5mm LEDs (352nm, 362nm, 375nm) are available reasonably and in small quantities from LED Supply:
    For serious research quality LEDs, check Thorlabs:

  • Does anyone know if this programmer supports the newer PIC chips - like the PIC16F887 that is pushed by Microchip as the enhanced replacement for the 877A? As far as I can tell the programming algorithm has not changed but is there something with ICPROG support and special (new?) locations for feature configuration?

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