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  • I wish I would of known this. As I have spent the last week trying to get this chip to work on a 5v system. And couldn't figure out why it was not working. Their description is wrong saying it can operate on 5v's. Sparkfun, Please correct this so others won't get this messed up

  • What is the current limit on this cable. Does it only limit to 500ma, or does it have the internals to allow 1a of current to flow?

  • Nice concept, Needs work. A lot of my points have already been mentioned by @ctdahle but still have not been fixed/addressed. 1) Standoffs are not long enough. I have attached mine to the PSU frame, and had to trim off the ends of the banana terminals in order to keep it from touching the 'floor'. 2) Would be nice if you included 8 screws for the standoffs. Not fun rummaging through my screw bin to find 4 more screws so I can attach the standoffs to something. 3) Banana terminals are cheep. It is very easy to strip the plastic threading on them when trying to tighten them I ended up using blue lock-tight and super glue to keep them from moving. Which brings up point 4... 4) Since the board is machined, why is the holes for the banana terminals round? The Banana terminals are double-d (Oval shape with 2 flat sides) for the intention of them to stay put and not spin freely when tightening? 5) Termials are too close together. I have small fingers and I had a hard time using, including tightening the nuts on the banana terminals. Why are they not spaced at the normal banana terminal spacing? 6) Wires for terminals are also to close to the holes. I had to add hot glue and heat shield to prevent nuts from touching the nearby wire, or terminal next to it. 7) Include Eye-terminal crimps with the kit. I shouldn't have to go digging though my supply to come up with additional parts for this kit. Wraping bare wire around the terminal that connects to the board will not work. You NEED eye-terminal crimps. 8) Added perk. Since you are allowing us to connect a ATX connector. Give us the full potential! I would recommend making a 'deluxe' version of this product to include -5vDC, On/off switch (PW_ON -> COM), and Power_ok Light.

    I like the product and it's concept and am ok with what I currently have. But for something that has been here for more than 3 years. This device needs an overhaul bad.

  • Not good for PoE IP cameras. Tried using it for the D-link DCS-930L. Anything over 10ft and the camera didn't have enough power to get the cameras CCU working. So if this is your intention, it wont work.

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