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  • Despite what they say on the package, these are not great for JST PH series crimp pins. As someone already mentioned you will need to crimp twice, because dies are not wide enough to pinch both jacket and wire parts. Which is not that bad actually. More annoying is that after crimping jacket part is too wide to be inserted into housing, so every time you'll need to reshape it with small needle-nose pliers. And I mean every time... Also frequently crimping action will break the wire (I'm using 28-awg ribbon cable)... So it's better than nothing and probably very good for other type of crimp pins, just not ideal for JST PH.

  • I finally found crimp tool that works great with with these pins! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007JLN93S/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img
    Cheap too. Just insert pin in the smaller jaw, close a little so it will stay there. Then insert stripped wire and press down. Perfect connection every time! For 22 AWG wires with thick insulation I found it works best by putting it in the bigger jaw first (so it catches crimps insulation) and then finish it in smaller jaw. Sparkfun should really carry this tool, it's so much faster than soldering and using needle pliers...

  • Excellent speaker! I've been using these for my Arduino based Alarm clock (Xronos Clock) and they sound excellent, no distortion and pretty loud. Trick to get more volume is to put them in enclosure with 3mm holes in front of membrane. It wasn't intentional, but I got amazing amplification from this.

  • What voltage and current is it rated for? i.e. can I have 5V 1A going on these?

  • Do know which tool works with these?

  • I'm also looking for wire recommendation. 22AWG wire that I have has insulation that's too thick to use in these :(

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