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  • Thanks for the information, as this is just to test the possibilities of storing energy in capacitors, the really long lifetime is not an issue, thou I would like to try how efficient system I can make with those capacitors. I have one small prototype wich is just using buzzer, and a few leds and it is built on atmega 328p, with a small halogen lamp I was able to get enough "sun" energy to run it directly on the solar panel. Thou I still need to measure the power consumption. But it would be good to store extra energy from solar panel to capacitors to be able to use it when the sunlight is not sufficient. To keep the voltage stable I intend to use DC/DC step-up/down converter from poulu, as it starts working with just 2V. That should allow me to draw more power out of the battery of capacitors.

  • I would like to use this capacitor to power arduino. So if I connect three of them in series I should get 7,5V which is ideal for the arduino. However i'm wondering how to charge the capacitor safely. What kind of circuit I should make to charge it fast without causing any damage, is it enough to connect it directly to regulated direct current power source? Also if i would like to use it as a buffer of energy harvested from a solar panel that gives 5 volts how do I connect it so that when there is enough sun the capacitor would be charged, and when there is shortage of solar power it would power arduino. Any help will be appreciated.

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