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  • Has the Simblee Module been discontinued? I'm working on a project (hopefully production) and sure could use these!

  • Hi, I was just wondering if Sparkfun is working on a breakout for TI's CC3100/CC3200. the 3100 has a lot of advantages including SSL/TLS support. I've heard other companies similar to Sparkfun are working on this and I would love to purchase it from Sparkfun.

    Thanks for all you do guys!! Hiva Javaher

  • how far did the camera go? (altitude and the deviation from where you guys first let it go) also, any pictures of the recovery site of the camera and equipment??? :)

  • Is this battery compatible with the MCP73861 Charger IC? (or I guess the other way around) If so, Would I need to get the MCP73861 or MCP73863 for coke or graphite anodes respectively.
    Lastly, Is there anything better to use than this chip to charge this battery?
    Thanks in advance,

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