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  • I'm late to this discussion but..

    I use LabVIEW regularly and participate in the forums on the National Instruments website. That is where I found out about this bundle. At work I use the Development Suite which costs about $5,000. That is way out of reach for me at home as a hobbyist.

    I just want to say that it is nice that I can get a copy of LabVIEW for fifty bucks with a neat little microcontroller included.

    What I would like to say to fellow hobbyists is that if you want to work in this industry there is always a demand for skilled LabVIEW developers - even in this economy. They are exceedingly difficult to find. The good ones are usually contractors so deeply buried in work that they are unavailable for hire. The down economy actually has helped LabVIEW developers for the simple reason that companies can do more for less money using it.

    If you like playing with the neat stuff that Sparkfun sells and would love a career in this field then learning LabVIEW and learning it well will only make you stand out more. There are a lot of very good C programmers out of work to compete with for jobs.

    Learn LabVIEW or don't learn it. That is a personal decision. I know several programming languages and for me LabVIEW is the most fun. Getting paid to do it is even more fun.


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