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  • I guess the messages to FLUKE worked! I just got a private message from them, directing me to read this:


    They heard us! Sort of... JR

    After you have your interface hooked up and working, and some sort of dialog going on with the SM5100B, you must set a few commands!
    With a data sim card installed, you should see a series of commands coming out (check my posting in August). Then send "AT+SBAND?" If you are in the USA, it should come back as "7" ("4" for Europe). It is probably set to another number. CHANGE it to your proper country code (see manual doc).
    Quick test... Send "AT+CMGF=1,10,13" (send text msg.) Then send "AT+CMGS="34,(1+your phone number),34,10,13 "message" (something you want to send),26 Now all the numbers are ASCII that you see in my example...
    Good luck. JR

  • This silly cel09607 is making me angry.
    I get it to come up like this'
    sind:10, sm etc.....
    I send it AT+CMGF=1 That is OK
    I send AT+CMGS= (my phone number) it is happy sends me back a ">"
    I try to send text like "test".. The silly thing locks up. What are we doing wrong?

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