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  • Thanks for the start, @Ocean\ Controls! Here's a full Arduino sketch with wiring instructions in the comments header.

    /*  YUMO rotary encoder
     *  Wiring
     *  Black - pin 2
     *  White - pin 3
     *  Brown - Ard. 5V
     *  Blue  - GND
     *  Orange - nothing for this use (is possibly for dir encoding?). 
    long encoder = 0; // counts overall number of 'ticks' since beginning of program
    const int encoder_a = 2; // black 
    const int encoder_b = 3; // white 
    void setup() {
      pinMode(encoder_a, INPUT);
      pinMode(encoder_b, INPUT);
      // encoder pin on interrupt 0 (pin 2)
      attachInterrupt(0, encoderPinChangeA, CHANGE);
      // encoder pin on interrupt 1 (pin 3)
      attachInterrupt(1, encoderPinChangeB, CHANGE);
    void loop() {
    void encoderPinChangeA() {
     if (digitalRead(encoder_a)==digitalRead(encoder_b)) {
    void encoderPinChangeB() {
     if (digitalRead(encoder_a) != digitalRead(encoder_b)) {
     else {
  • Found this: http://www.hazelwoodsound.com/motorized-faders-and-the-arduino/

    You can find more results by searching for "motorized fader," as it seems the most popular application of this component is with audio mixers.

  • +1 for example wiring and code.

  • The motor_go function is a bit confusing, particularly the relationship between the step size and increment values. I keep getting an error in my Serial Window that reads "incorrect value for motor_go()." What is causing this? I don't see anything in the forums on this question.

  • Found the problem. In the .cpp and .h file included in the library, you need to change

    #include "WProgram.h"

    to ->

    #include "Arduino.h"

    This is if you're running 1.0.1. Not sure about other versions. This will also be true for any library written before this change in the Arduino software.

  • Udpate: solved one problem, have new one. The prior error was due to running the code and its libraries from inside a Dropbox folder. That's a no-no. I moved everything into the Documents > Arduino > Libraries folder and compiled and get a new error: " Error Compiling: In file included from quad_step_test.cpp:43: /Users/matthewepler/Documents/Arduino/libraries/quadstep/quadstep.h:12:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory"

    Clues? -M

  • Is anyone else having trouble compiling the example in the library? I'm getting a definition/class error: 'quadstep does not name a type.' No changes were made to the Example and it's in the right place. -M

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