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  • Hey guys, I modified the code above so it is interrupt driven (rather than busy waiting on a single pin). Hopefully others find this useful too...

    /*A simple interrupt base class to read IR input from the TSOP382 receiver diode -The user can poll "ir.available()" in their loop to see if a new key has been pressed, leaving the Arduino available for other processing

    Jordan Erenrich jordan.erenrich AT gmail.com Oct 4, 2012 */

    define START_BIT 2200 //Start bit threshold (Microseconds)

    define BIN_1 900 //Binary 1 threshold (Microseconds)

    define BIN_0 400 //Binary 0 threshold (Microseconds)

    class IrReader { private: boolean resultAvail;

    int val, prevVal, pin, bitCount, result;
    unsigned long startTime, elapsedTime;

    public: IrReader(int pin, int interruptNumber, void(*interruptCallback)( )) { this->pin = pin; pinMode(pin, INPUT);
    prevVal = digitalRead(pin); bitCount = -1; resultAvail = false;

      attachInterrupt(interruptNumber, interruptCallback, CHANGE);      
    boolean available() {
      return resultAvail;
    int getKey() {
      resultAvail = false;
      return result;
    void eval() {
      //Prevent reading a new result if an old result is still pending
      //(Could potentially miss a new key, but at least you won't get a garbage key)
      if (! resultAvail) {
        val = digitalRead(pin);
        if (val != prevVal) { //Value has changed
          prevVal = val;
          if (val == LOW) { //Falling value
            startTime = micros();
          } else { //Rising value - New Bit
            elapsedTime = micros() - startTime;
            if (elapsedTime >= START_BIT) {
              bitCount = 0;
              result = 0;
            } else if (bitCount != -1) {
              if(elapsedTime >= BIN_1) //Assume that anything shorter is a zero
                result |= (1 
  • Hi the product notes ("Supports 64Mb to 2Gig micro-SD memory cards (FAT format)") are inconsistent with the datasheet ("Support 1GB SD card max. or SPI flash 64MB max."). Which is correct?

  • This module doesn't seem to work well in the presence of other Bluetooth units. I was experiencing sporadic disconnections (especially when during high data rates), which disappeared when I turned off the BT keyboard on my computer. Are there any settings one can add to make this module more robust to other BT hardware near it?

  • Hi, did you use a 10ohm resistor or a 50ohm resistor? The electrical integration PDF mentions a 50ohm, but I'm wondering if the PDF had a typo, or maybe you did above? Thanks

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