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  • What is the host name of this devie? I thought its WiFly-GSX but when I try pinging using its name i get this error below.

    C:\Users\User>ping WiFly-GSX Ping request could not find host WiFly-GSX. Please check the name and try again.

    I found a way of getting its host name but am not getting any result. This is shown below.


    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

    1 2 ms 2 ms 1 ms

    Trace complete.

    Please help!!!…

  • Another thing happened after i did the factory reset on the wifly…it keeps on going on and off after a while…everything completely goes off no LED blinking nothing…strange isnt it…

  • I will check ua code to see if it will work with mine…i can ping the router from the pc but not the wifly… i tried pinging from the wifly but no response…i also checked from the router’s online configuration page and the wifly is listed as one of the wireless clients….its the same on ma side if u mean the P104 LED but how is it blinking on ua side??…mine is blinking slowly meaning ip is ok…

  • hope the new one works just fine…but are u able to telnet and ping the wifly from PC??…it seems there is something stopping mine form being pinged or “telneted” which haven’t figured out yet…

  • heey qoda…i had the same problem where i cannot pass any commands to the wifly through teraterm terminal…i solved it by sending factory RESET command on the same terminal even though you cannot see it being displayed but the rx/tx led on wifly blinks implying that its receiving the command….then i reuploaded the wifly transparent terminal sketch…opened the terminal and there it was displaying the commands… let me know if you get to be able to ping it or telnet coz am stuck there…thanks!!!….

  • which sketch are u using?….for me i used da WiFly Transparent Terminal Sketch and did the changes yoonka has suggested and it worked but up until the telnet part. i cannot do anything about it…..

  • i got mine working up until the telnet part where there seems to be no communication between ma laptop n da device… I typed telnet 2000 on command prompt but it gives me error that connection has failed and the device is already connected successfully to my network…help please!!!!…..

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