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  • They teach this sales philosophy in business school. Give them the Hot Dog Bun/Hot Dog sales approach and the customer will be compelled to buy more in order to get an evenly divided amount. It costs the manufacturer less to make the item in quantity and the customer more to buy in small quantities. Win/Win for the man. and seller, just not for the customer!

  • Let's get Quackin on all of those Arduino projects folks!

  • Boss, I hit this bird with the Sparkfun tour bus but don't worry, with 6 million dollars and some OSH off the shelves, we can rebuild it bigger, faster and stronger!

  • I'll give you $100 for that MSO-28 you show in the video. Technically it is Used since it has been opened and taken out of the box. Therefore it can no longer be sold as new!

    Besides, if I were the boss, I would not let you play with such an expensive item. I have been watching these videos for a while. I see how you act!

  • Stupid Comment Follows:

    After watching this informative video, I can only assume that the reason an electric motor always turns the same direction when connected to a battery is because of the Right Hand Rule? I knew how they were built, just never figured out what made them turn 1 direction only, every time.

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