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  • Using the HMAC and unique id you can authenticate messages sent over non secure channels. This is useful when you dont have HTTPS support and you need to unsure you know the sender e.g. sensors or security devices.

    You can probably also use it to authenticate devices for paid or exclusive services. Think of the device like a usb dongle...

    The random number generator can be useful for a number of things...

  • Sure, depends on what you want and need. You can send r,1 to the device to reboot it. You can also cycle the power.

    It's nice that this product has the needed components on the board to do what is needed with the broken out pins. The other product you mention is pretty bare. This product has a smaller form factor and provides the essentials for the purpose. Obviously SF provides a selection so you can pick the right item for your needs.

  • PI04 is the factory reset on the RN-41.

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