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  • Great tutorial... I'm concerned that the diagram has 5v SDA and SCL lines going to a 3.3v part without a logic level shifter. I don't doubt it will work but won't reduce the life of the part and could this affect accuracy?
    Also, is there a way to disable the code "scroll view" windows? They don't print well (at all)... anyone know a workaround? Thanks!

  • I'm an idiot and got this thing to work via spi so I can vouch for its being idiot-proof! I do have a feature request though... while interfacing with an arduino I realized I was writing a lot of code to convert my data (a four digit integer stored as a 16 bit integer) into a char array so that I could easily send the data to the LCD. I started worrying about the effect on my execution time and how maybe I could move the int-to-BCD function to another micro offboard when it hit me... why not add the capabilty to convert UNIT16s to BCD to this board! I'd suggest yet another command byte, followed by two bytes representing the 16 bit INT which the module could correctly parse into the four display characters. Thanks in advance!

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