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  • Excellent. I will fix my docs to show DTR as the correct signal to route to reset. Have fun!

  • Howdy. Yes, it worked but my documentation is a little sketchy. I passed RESET from the Arduino through a 0.1uF cap to RTS (or was it DTR?) of the Breakout. This apparently reset the Arduino just before sending over the sketch.

    My notes have two drawings, one showing DTR and other showing RTS. Sorry about that but I think you could try both easily enough. Let me know if you want me to set it up again to check for you.

  • I'm having a problem using this BMP085 together with a DS3231 (in the form of a ChronoDot). So far it fails. Individually, the DS3231 and BMP085 run fine in the i2c bus but as soon as I add the second device the sketch locks up. Using debug statements - it appears to lock up as it tries to read the 3231.

    I'm basically running the sketch presented here with some additional code to read the time just before reading the temp and pressure.

    Both the 3231 and 85 are running on the 3.3v line.

  • I'm not getting quite as far as you did. I can interact with a sketch which responds to keyboard input and sends different output to the console so I'm sure the board is working but I cannot send any sketches to the UNO (both an R2 and R3). I get:

    avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

    This is exactly the same symptom I get with an XBee setup. I'm jumpered for 5V and have the following connections:


    Am I missing some sort of necessary handshaking between the FT232RL BOB and the UNO? I'm sure if I can solve this I'll probably be able to figure out my XBee issue also.

  • I used my freeday bonus to purchase this. I'm an old (1980's) Navy ET and was used to high-end logic analyzers, oscilloscopes and other lab-calibrated equipment so I have to say I wasn't expecting much from the Logic16. I've kind of been out of the business for years and recently picked it back up as a hobby.

    I built a little shift register to binary count up 8 LEDs and hooked up the Logic16 to watch SER, RCLK, SRCLK and each of the Q outputs. Beautiful. Not only was the presentation very instructive (I have a good feel for how things work on the 74HC595 now) but the Logic16 actually decoded the serial input so I could see what count was being sent to the 595 and a clock later see that count show up on the Q outputs.

    I'm going to have a blast with this. Oh, and the guys at Saleae are great to work with. Thanks Sparkfun!

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