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  • Sparkfun's newest product: automatic hat recognition (currently in the idiot proofing stage).

  • I finally found this mouser part: http://tinyurl.com/925oour A set of breadboard wires with four binding posts. Unfortunately they were a bit bigger (deeper) than the ones on this breadboard so I had to extend the standoffs slightly. Thankfully I had some round transparent standoffs that had exactly the diamenter of the underside of the original ones so it was an easy fix. Now I finally have my breadboard looking "complete" again...

  • Thanks for the info, but jameco is out of the question for me to order as they don't pay import taxes which is too much of a hassle for me to even try. If you have a mouser reference that would be great though, as I got another broken post now and don't want to go the same route as before... Sure it would be nice to have proper binding posts but I'm starting to think about just removing them and cover the holes with a SparkFun sticker instead...

  • Not really.

    I ordered a smaller breadboard at a French online retailer, exchanged the post with my broken one and returned it as "arrived damaged". I know it's not a nice way of doing but I'm not hurting the retailer but the manufacturer who was the same one who provided the broken one in the first place....

  • I just found this project... I haven't tried it myself but it looks promising. I'm planning to do some minor modifications and then try this approach myself... TCM8240MD breakout

  • I also recommend to upgrade the firmware in this thing to V1.6 which seems a bit faster and gives a lot less verification errors. The new package can be found here: http://dicks.home.xs4all.nl/avr/usbtiny/ (program the .hex file from the usbtiny-1.6\usbtinyisp folder).

    You can easily turn most avr into a basic programmer to update your PocketAVR via the "Not ISP" ISP header.

  • I agree the fix is easy... if you have a small enough wire, ironing tip and soldering skills.

    What actually bugs me is that there was not a single reply from SparkFun on this issue... I would have probably been ok with a simply apology, though I think SF should offer a free replacement service for this board no matter where you bought it (directly or through a retailer). Simply ignoring the issue isn't what I consider "customer service".

  • Is there actually any use to JP1? When I look at the Eagle files it seems as if it's always "closed" anyways.

  • Not sure if you still need help but... in Arduino 1.0 you need to choose USBtinyISP as the programmer. Also make sure that your libusb is loaded correctly. I created a custom inf with the latest libusb drivers and the programmer is working fine for me.

    If you still need help I can make a Video of the full installation...

  • Does anyone know where to get the connectors (binding posts)? The black one on my breadboard broke and I'd like to replace it! A mouser reference would be great! I already searched their site but couldn't find the proper connectors :(

    P.S. Before anyone points it out the Binding Posts in the related products are too big they are not the same as the ones used for this breadboard.

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