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  • hi i bought the xbee explorer dongle and i connect an xbee s1 (not pro) on it. Then i also bought a xbee shield and an arduino uno and I connect them using stackable headers. I upload a simple program to the arduino that send signal to the dongle using serial.print but when i try to write from the dongle using the terminal on xctu I see that the dongle tx ligth blink and the xbee shield RSSI turns on for a while but the arduino dont receive signal on the serial.read(). Please I need a solution i am getting short of time. I need to be able to stable serial comunication wireless between my two serial 1 xbee what am i missing????

  • hello i bougth a usb shield from sparkfun and a motor shield from maker shed when i connect both separtly to the arduino uno i got them to work. But if I stack them together they stop working. How can i find out if there is a pin problem?

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