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  • The arLCD 2.10 beta firmware is available at and dramatically speeds programming and frees up Arduino pin 10 and 11 by using hardware serial for GPU comms and Arduino programming!

  • Randy here from EarthLCD, (EarthMake sister company) manufacturer of industrial display products. We actually make a true sunlight readable 3.5 Smart LCD (without Arduino built in). It is transflective and much more expensive ($219) called the ezLCD-313. Although it does not have Arduino built in we will offer late next month a multi function Arduino board that plugs directly in.

  • ezLCD-301 PDF Manual and Portrait Firmware now available

    The link above is for the new PDF manual. Also the portrait firmware is now available at:

  • Have a beta firmware that more then doubles the speed. Put on yahoo support group here or just email randy at earthlcd com . We have clipping commands coming

  • Just posted a youtube video with the analog meter widget. Just search ezLCD-301. 7 lines of code less then 100 bytes and no significant horsepower taken from your micro!


  • About ezLCD-301 I/O: Full stand alone I/O functionality will require a few more commands in the firmware coming later. Most commercial users use their own micro for the I/O and use this as a smart LCD. Arduino works well for the ezLCD newbie.

  • About ezLCD-30x Documentation: Studying existing EarthSEMPL macros is the easiest way to learn about the ezLCD-30x. Your ezLCD includes many examples stored in the \EZSYS\MACROS directory demonstrating the various commands. The latest can be downloaded as part of the file system for your ezLCD-30x model on it’s product page at the EarthLCD website. The ezLCD-301 latest file system is at .

  • If a button is held down ezLCD sends a BPx once then when button is released it sends a BRx. A later firmware release will give the option to poll widgets versus them generating an instant event. This will be nice for running a bunch of ezLCD’s over RS-485.

  • Yes the manual needs work. ezlcd vs 4d: ezLCD is 1. 25% higher resolution 2. commercial embedded product - available for 7 years 3. A real RGB LCD controller PIC24FJ256DA210 not a micro talking to a dumb LCD. 4. All fonts, macros and bitmaps are stored (and controlled by 16 bit processor) on the ezlcd flashdrive so you can really drive (even multiple displays) off any old eight bit micro with good performance.

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