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  • I've used both the SpeakJet and EMIC2 in one of my Arduino projects. I made this short demo to help others decide between both of these TTS solutions.

    Yo Homes Smell Ya Later: SpeakJet VS. Emic 2 Text-To-Speech Module Rap Battle:


  • I have a feeling this shield isn't gracefully disconnecting from the SPI bus. If anyone has successfully used this shield with another SPI device, let me know!

  • This is my setup for the two shields.

    void setupWAVANDWIFLY()
      pinMode(SSWAV, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(SSWIFLY, OUTPUT);
      digitalWrite(SSWAV, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(SSWIFLY, HIGH);

    And I toggle them with the code above, setting the active devices cable select pin to low and non active cable select pin to high.

    Has anyone had success using this shield with multiple SPI devices?

    I wonder if this my issue is related to similar SPI issues with the ethernet shield:


  • Sharing SPI (WAV Shield + MEGA +WiFly) - WiFly/WAV cable select pins

    I'm having issues using this shield w the Adafruit WAV shield which also uses SPI for the SD card reader.

    Using separate cable select pins for the WAV shield (pin 33) and WiFly (53)...I can toggle from WAV shield to WiFly shield but I can't toggle back to the WAV shield...If I initialize the WiFly shield first, I can't toggle to the WAV shield.

    #define SSWAV 33 //cable select pin for WAV shield
    #define SSWIFLY 53 //cable select pin for WIFLY shield

    //this enables the cable selection pin for WiFly shield void enableWiFlyShield() { digitalWrite(SSWIFLY, LOW); digitalWrite(SSWAV, HIGH); }

    //this enables the cable selection pin for WAV shield void enableWAVShield() { digitalWrite(SSWIFLY, HIGH); digitalWrite(SSWAV, LOW); }

    See my thread with specs and setup here: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,101660.0.html

    Has anyone successfully deselected the WiFly in order to talk to another SPI device?